Jim Dallas


Jim Dallas works across a wide range of media but he is noted for his large, sensual abstract expressionist canvasses.

Characterized by explosive colour and passionate brushworks, his work is vividly contemporary. Bold colour compositions, applied with an array of methods (including the artist’s own hands), symbols and abstract patterns are used to investigate and express major issues and ideas the contemporary individual experiences. The artist processes the entire spectrum of emotions, addressing them with a passionate approach and expressing them via his colourful and enigmatic compositions.

Dallas uses a hands-on approach in his painting, every time immersing himself in the act of creating, occasionally getting so lost in the process that he creates his art automatically, thus making every artwork a highly charged manifestation of a personal quest. He is also especially concerned about the viewer’s interpretation, the emotional response and the feelings the works stir-up in him, considering him an integral part of the artistic experience.