Mariana Cute


Mariana Cute’s post-pop visual language draws from a fantasy world located inside her head, but is also largely inspired by the world of popular culture, consumerism and advertising.

The artist has a reductive approach in her painting, using geometric abstraction and vivid coloring to create her accessible, trademark characters (mascots as she calls them) and release them to the universe with a mission to spread the love.

Specializing in street interventions, she is passionate about creating works with the purpose of planting them in the urban environment to interact with random audiences, bombarding them with good vibes. Acting as beacons of optimism, Mariana’s simplified characters are agents of positive energy.

Mariana is the new darling of the Athenian street art scene and labeled the fastest-rising Greek female street artist, forging collaborations, participating in exhibitions, festivals and events, rapidly establishing an international presence. 

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