NAR was born in Novorossiysk, Russia, in 1982.

He moved to Greece in 1991, where he currently lives and works. 
He begun exploring his hand in Street Art at the age of 13 and since then he has kept using the streets as the ultimate place of inspiration and personal expression. His desperate need for unconstrained creativity, coupled with a lack of money, initially led him to start collecting discarded objects - sourcing them everywhere from garbage bins, to derelict buildings and abandoned industrial zones - and use them as his “painting tools”. He started creating surprising and unexpected grand scale constructions and in situ installations, which immediately caught the public eye.

Explosive and irreverent, NAR now creates striking visual imagery, employing a wide array of diverse, often unorthodox, techniques and armed with his arsenal of unexpected materials, typically collected from the streets. Whether outdoors or indoors, NAR’s works encourage alternate interpretations of elements, forms and words, forcing the viewer to re-evaluate what he thinks is already familiar to him. The artist approaches his findings with delicate lyricism and a keen sense of experimentation, eventually reincarnating the trite into precious. Carrying a strong poetic undertone, his works embody bold visual statements, conveying messages and comments on the daily urban experience. 

NAR is the quintessential Post-Graffiti artist, composing powerful visual statements, bombing and tagging all over the place without necessarily resorting to the use of actual paint. He is immersed in his mission to create beauty from abandonment.

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