Petros Christoulias


Petros is a Greek artist, illustrator and cartoonist. He is also practicing animation.
His comics frequently feature in Greek publications such as «Galera» magazine, «9», «An» magazine, and «Monkie». He has also collaborated with 3wheel studio for the creation of «Animasyros 2» festival’s official animation movie. Although primarily known for his skills as a cartoonist, he caused a national stir with the unveiling of his painting "St. Economy The Bankrupt" , in the “Surprise 3” exhibition in 2011. This marked the beginning of an on-going body of work, his infamous series of Modern Saints. 
The works revolve around a humanized concept that audio-visually refers to Byzantine Iconography, resulting to the creation of Contemporary Saints, inspired by, and reflective of, contemporary realities. The highly satiric works act as socio-political visual commentaries.

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