Socrates Argitis aka SOX


Although an islander in origin, Sox epitomizes the urban stereotype, living and working in the heart of Athens, in the city’s cultural centre, which he makes sure offers passers-by a healthy dosage of street art. Sox is active in the streets, filling the city with his interventions, most notably his handmade paste-ups. He is also known for his T-shirt company, producing hand-pulled silkscreen designs, under the homonymous brand name SOX. Despite never watching television, Sox is obsessed with it, mesmerized by the mammoth impact the medium holds over contemporary culture and society. A giant TV screen is the hypothetical point of departure of most of his work, but the core of his art revolves around the human being. He is fighting urban decay with his sarcastic advances, mixing colors, images and emotions in his imaginary blender, striving to uncover traces of romanticism in an emotionally sterilized era.

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