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artAZ goes to Moniker Art Fair

artAZ Moniker Art Fair 2013

We are delighted to announce that this October artAZ will be waiting for you in London, at the premises of the MONIKER ART FAIR 2013 (Stand 11), in Brick Lane’s Old Truman Brewery, where we will have the pleasure of exhibiting, within the frame of the fourth annual edition of London’s leading Contemporary Urban Art event.

Moniker attracts some of the most renowned and talked about artists, galleries and curators from an increasingly diverse contemporary art movement, forged by its subversive and innovative spirit. It is an Urban Art feast, a leading, taste-making and opinion-forming touchstone in the annual art calendar and we are ecstatic to be part of it.

For its Moniker debut, artAZ is presenting an ultra dynamic artistic roster, consisting of 3 leading Greek artists and 2 international legends of the Street Art scene. We are proudly presenting: CONSTANTINE VRAZIOTIS (Athens, Greece), ARGYRIS SARASLANIDIS, aka. SER (Thessaloniki, Greece), SIMONI FONTANA (Corfu, Greece), FLYING FÖRTRESS (Munich & Hamburg, Germany), PURE EVIL (London, UK). Curator Alexandra Kollaros is responsible for selecting the artists and coordinating the British invasion!

Four days full of art, with Moniker shining a spotlight on a generation of artists influenced by the urban environment and its related subcultures, showcasing established and emerging artists along with an exciting creative programme of events. We look forward to welcoming you all at Stand 11.


vraz karta

One of the hottest new entries in the Greek Art Scene, Constantine Vraziotis originally gained recognition in the field of illustration, but quickly developed a devoted fun base since he introduced the audience to “Coco” - his iconic muse and central heroine. His violently elegant work features novel uses of traditional techniques and is informed by disparate sources, most notably urban fixations, high fashion, and Byzantine iconography. Lavish and decadent, Constantine's paintings, feature meticulous detailing and concealed unexpected, often disturbing elements, hinting to the dark side of society. Macabre pop surrealism at its best.

ARGYRIS SARASLANIDIS, aka. SER (Thessaloniki, Greece)

argyrisl karta

Considered the Old Master of Greek Street Art SER is one of the pioneers of the Urban - Street Art Scene of Greece, largely responsible for its formation and an influencer of younger local artists and peers alike. His work - a curiously eclectic blend of old school graffiti, comic culture and pop surrealism - has a dark undertone yet is highly satirical, employing an arsenal of monstrous but benign characters, to highlight and comment on the absurdity of human nature. SER's work is all over Greece, in the form of large-scale murals, paintings placed in important collections, and commercial work, created in association with major local and international brands. 

SIMONI FONTANA (Corfu, Greece)

simoni karta

Crowned the Queen of Greek Street Art, Simoni Fontana, is one of the most popular artists of the genre. Her style is characterized by an almost childlike innocence, with references drawing from Japanese iconography and manga, filtered through a sensitive western outlook and her personal aesthetics, dictated by pop surrealism. The dreamy trademark female characters contain traits of the artist, thus abstractly hinting to self-portraiture. Despite their aloof naivety, the works have a positively adult undercurrent. Working both solo and as a duo with her alter ego SER, Simoni is extremely sought after, whether for her murals or her canvases and print editions, for which there is an on-going waiting list.

FLYING FÖRTRESS (Munich & Hamburg, Germany)

FF karta

Munich based artist Flying Förtress started to do classic graffiti in the early 90’s. After a couple of years he felt himself stuck in a one-way alley so he quit writing and focused on his graphic design studies. He arose again at the beginning of the millennium and hit the streets with an army of his iconic Teddy Troops. After having occupied his local territories Flying Fortress started to invade other countries, exhibiting his work across the continents. His Commission Work Clients include ADDICT (UK), CARHARTT (DE), KIDROBOT (US) QUIKSILVER (FR), among others, and he also runs his own t-shirt label, ROCKAWAYBEAR. The book “Part Of Rebellion # 1 - Flying Förtress” was released in November 2008.

PURE EVIL (London, UK)

pureevil karta

With a family tree that includes a number of saints and members of various European royal dynasties, Pure Evil is perhaps the most blue-blooded Urban artist working today, and certainly one of the most sought-after. The artist has a keen interest in exploring the darker side of the wreckage of Utopian dreams and the myth of the Apocalypse. After a decade in California, during which he was influenced by West Coast Graffiti artists, he returned to London and started painting (his now trademark) PURE EVIL bunny rabbits everywhere. In the past 5 years Pure Evil has exhibited worldwide, presenting solo exhibitions in China, Russia, Mongolia, Brazil, USA and all over Europe. He regularly gives workshops and participates in lectures about street art.

artAZ goes to Moniker Art Fair 2013  (Stand 11)
Location: Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London, UK
Opening: Thursday 17 October 2013
Dates: 17-20 October 2013Supported by Aegean


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