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EDITION - The Print Show


artAZ Edition exhibition artworks banner
A survey exhibition focusing on the world of contemporary printmaking

(Main Image, from left to right: Jonathan Yeo | Dimitris Koletsis | Pure Evil (Guernica, detail) 

artAZ is delighted to present “EDITION” – an art show exploring the world of contemporary printmaking. Through the work of a varied group of international artists and master printers, representing all major image-making processes, the show highlights current directions in printmaking, offering a comprehensive perspective of this exciting form of artistic output.

The exhibition will be hosted at «9 ΕΝΝΕΑ» Cultural Space and will remain open to the public between 28 May – 30 September 2015.

Democratic, fresh, popular, in demand, accessible, user-friendly, linking the elite with the everyday, ideal collection starters, often misunderstood, Prints are the contemporary artworld’s greatest fetish. Prints are original works of art, defined exactly by the artist’s intention to create in this medium. The emergence of new technologies, combined with existing traditional methods, has opened-up a whole range of exciting possibilities, rendering printmaking extremely alluring to artists, as a primary means of expression in order to visually translate their vision and place their art in the public domain in an affordable, immediate way.

What do we mean by the umbrella-term “Edition”? Silkscreen prints, etchings, lithographs, serigraphs, monotypes, hand-made stencils, digital multiples; Unique hand-finishes prints, limited or open editions, numbered or unsigned; posters, ephemera, and the list goes on. Varied and democratic, the world of contemporary editions embraces everything from the priceless to the giveaway, with a vast array of offerings in between.

artAZ Edition exhibition artworks show banner
(From left to right: Eri Skyrgianni | Lebaniz Blonde | Philippos Theodorides)

The Exhibition
We do not regard prints as plain reproductions on paper, nor do we treat them as mere duplicates of the original work of art, but rather as an adaptation of the original work to a different kind of medium. An almost accurate adaptation. We consider prints to be impressions, as if the artist himself translated his work into another language. This impression is embossed; it transcends the two dimensions, spreads into space- even just slightly. We consider prints original work, since the artist may revisit it anew, intervene by hand, recolour it, engrave it, mold it and scrape it before finally delivering it to the public. We regard prints as an experimental procedure on an already existing work of art in order to create a brand new project, based on the old one.
(George - Ikaros Babassakis - Author)

From affordable to precious, «Edition» features an array of exciting works; Iconic prints like Jonathan Yeo’s Paris, D*Face’s Queen Elisabeth, Pure Evil’s Ava Gardner, rare silkscreens from Greek masters of the Modern, commissioned bands' posters, experimental runs by inspired master printers, unique, makeshift prints by ingenious upcomers, applied takes and printing installations, among others, coexist in an exhibition that approaches its subject with enthusiasm, aiming to bring to light the secrets of this important practice, which is central to the oeuvre of countless artists and is revered as one of the most popular forms of contemporary art.

The space’s upper level hosts the «Daily Edition» section, featuring applied uses of printmaking: unique and multiple, everyday objects that have been transformed to artworks, as well as authentic artworks that have originally been conceived as everyday objects.

The exhibition is complemented with a parallel program featuring talks and workshops, live printing, events, stencil & silkscreen classes and seminars by renowned professionals of the Printmaking world.

artAZ Edition exhibition artworks promo banner
(From left to right: This is Opium | WeDesign | D*Face)

Featuring works by: Alexis Akrithakis, Αrgiris SER, Artemis Alcalay, Ben Eine, Christos Tolis, Constantine Vraziotis,  D*Face, Dimitris Koletsis, Dimitris Liossis, Dimitris Milionis, Eleanna Martinou, Eri Skyrgianni, Flying Fortress, George Lintzeris, George Tserionis, Giannis Kardasis, Haris Lambert, Heiko Muller, John Bicknell, Jonathan Yeo, Junkart, Lebaniz Blonde, Manolis Charos, Mariana Cute, Marina Provatidou, Natassa Poulantza, Nikos Giavropoulos, Os Gemeos, Panagiotis Ferentinos, Paris Koutsikos, Peio Tofu, Philippos Theodoridis, Proestilo, Pure Evil, Queen of Stuff, Red Design Consultants, Ronda Senduka, Run Don’t Walk, Simoni Fontana, The Krah, ThisIsOpium, We Design, Yiannis Christakos, Yannis Gaitis, and more.

The exhibition is curated by Alexandra Kollaros.

You can follow the exhibition through the #Edition & #ektypa hashtags.

EDITION Exhibition 
Location: «9 ΕΝΝΕΑ» Cultural Space, 9 Keas St., Koliatsou Sq., Athens, GR 
Private View: Wednesday 27 May 2015, 20:00 
Dates: 28 May – 30 September 2015 (Closed between 15 July - 15 September 2015) 
Visting hours: Tuesday - Friday 17:30 - 21:00 & Saturday 12:00 - 16:00 or by appointment 
Curated by: Alexandra Kollaros

#edition #ektypa


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