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Lo Maximo exhibition

lo maximo exhibition artAZ alexandra kollaros
A group show featuring the most exciting Contemporary Latin American Art


Lo Maximo is an exhibition proposing exactly what its name suggests: the greatest, most exciting Ecuadorian art, as seen by curator Alexandra Kollaros.

Different media, techniques and styles are represented in this exhibition that highlights exquisite talent from Latin America. Paintings, sculpture, drawing, photography, street art and installation are represented by works that are stand-out in their genre, from established and emerging artists.

Lo Maximo exhibition view 1 artazExhibition view (from left to right) Works by Freddy Guaillas, Carlos Echeverría Kossak, Mariana Cute, Juan Jose Ruiz

Uniformity is not a quest in the exhibition, nor is there a connecting thematic thread. The singular characteristic the works share is that they are all powerful in their own accord, their only point of common reference that they constitute great art. Fundamentally different approaches and styles are juxtaposed, creating exciting conversations between works, in a visually arresting and highly eclectic curatorial approach.

The European curator spent 3 months closely studying the Ecuadorian art scene, inside and outside the official art system, sourcing the artists everywhere, from top galleries to the urban alleyways. Using a fresh outlook, untainted by the notion of familiarity, she brings together an elite team of diverse artists that, for once, find themselves under the same roof.
Collectively, the artworks form a concise synopsis of the Ecuadorian Contemporary Art landscape.

The exhibition also presents a small selection of Greek artists -an homage to the curator's homeland-  setting in motion an international dialogue between artists of different origins and highlighting the universal language of culture.

Lo Maximo exhibition view 2 artaz
Exhibition view (from left to right) Phillipe Stucki, CV, Washington Guayasamin, CV aka Constantine Vraziotis

Alexandra Kollaros offers an external view of the Ecuadorian art scene, presenting it through an exhibition that celebrates the beauty of contemporary artistic production and its various manifestations.

Artists: Alexis Gómez, Ana Fernández, Andrea Tregear, Ben Wainmann, Carlos Echeverría Kossak, Cristina Coo, Cristóbal González Guzmán, CV aka Constantine Vraziotis, David Celi, David Santillan, Daniel Espinosa, Eleanna Martinou, Emilio Seraquive, Esek_one, Felipe Jacome, Freddy Guaillas, Juan José Ruiz, Luigi Stornaiolo, Mariana Cute, Marina Garcia Burgos, Mateo De Pozo, Milton Estrella, Motomichi Nakamura, Pame Pinto Rojas, Paula Barragán, Pedro Sevilla, Phillipe Stucki, Toto Fernández Ampuero, Toto y Flavia Melendez, Que Zhinin, Queen of Stuff, Washington Guayasamin.

The exhibition will run through το 22 October 2016.

Lo Maximo exhibition view 3 artazExhibition view - Room 2

 “Working with artists fundamentally outside my realm of familiarity was invigorating and highly exciting, the curatorial task both challenging and rewarding. I came across  exceptional talent - the Ecuadorian art scene is an astonishing one - and it was a privilege to navigate the experience of putting together “Lo Maximo”.

Alexandra Kollaros, Lo Maximo curator

Lo Maximo exhibition view 4 artazExhibition view (from left to right) Que Zhinin, Mateo De Pozo

Artists from Latin America & Greece
Alexandra Kollaros
Location: Galeria Artik, Julio Zaldumbide N25-165 y Toledo, Sector la Floresta, Quito, Ecuador
Opening: 22 September 2016, 19:30
Duration: 23 September – 22 October 2016


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