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Arte 15

arte 15 exhibition artAZ

Group exhibition with the opportunity of Habitat III

An exciting art initiative took place in Quito, Ecuador, recently as a parallel event to the United Nations' Habitat III conference. 15 of Ecuador's most eminent artists independently united to present Arte 15 - a group exhibition showcasing works, definitive of Contemporary Ecuadorian Art.

arte 15 artAZ kossak

Rather than being thematic, the exhibition focused on presenting recent works, individually produced by the artists and representative of each one's personal repertoire, thus introducing the artists' style to new audiences. The works on show covered various artistic disciplines, namely painting, drawing, sculpture, print, photography and collage.

On an interesting note, the exhibition was manned by the exhibiting artists during its entire duration, giving visitors a unique opportunity to experience the works under the most expert guidance. 

arte 15 artAZ betancourt

The show attracted an impressive amount of visitors and elicited an enthusiastic response from local and international audiences alike.

Participating Artists: Hernán Cueva, María Pérez, Marcelo Aguirre, Sara Roitman, Rafael Díaz, Katya Romero, Miguel Betancourt, Paula Barragán, Cristobal González Guzmán, Ana Fernández, Maurice Montero, Helena García, José Unda, Shirma Guayasamín, Luigi Stornaiolo, Carlos Echeverria-Kossac.

arte 15 artAZ exhibition view

Arte 15 was hosted at Edificio Atrium, in the Gonzalez Suarez area of Quito, and lasted between 17-23 October 2016.

You can see a documentation of the entire show at the Image Gallery below.


All images © Alexandra Kollaros

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