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loverdose by cv exhibition artaz
Modern day erotica exhibition by Constantine Vraziotis

Overdose. Longing. Love. Sex. And in the middle of it all lies Lou – the liberated and ultra sensual muse of CV, in the –so far- boldest moment of her existence. CV’s new body of work dives in the undisclosed sexual fantasies we all entertain (some openly but most of us covertly and with an intense sense of shame), praises excess and urges us to let go of prudery and embrace the more ambivalent aspect of our sexuality.

loverdose by cv artaz 3

The scenarios that unfold in this visual encyclopedia of erotica appear obscene at first sight yet they remain familiar and automatically excite, bypassing the composed façade of moral superiority. CV is not evasive here; with disarming honesty he outs all that takes place in the realm of our mind, things that put us at unease with their perverse intensity. The visual narratives of CV eloquently illustrate the innermost parts of erotic fantasy and visit its darkest corners in order to crash the frustrating gap between animal desire and the more composed reality most of us experience.

loverdose by cv artaz 2

The narrative unfolds mainly through minimalistic, monochromatic works, violently interrupted by splashes of bold colour, that demand the viewer’s attention. In tune with the spirit of the exhibition, the artist lets himself go, both expressively and creatively, and experiments with materials and techniques – alternative expressive vehicles for his ideas. The result? A modern day erotica that seduces and excites.

LOVERDOSE is an ongoing art project. Its first installation is presented at Trikala, as a nod to the artists hometown – a rare constant in his ever evolving universe

loverdose by cv artaz 1

Open: 5 -14 May 2017
Location: Retous, 5 Vironos Str., Trikala, Greece  



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