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Announcing the 10 year Anniversary Edition of Greece's most popular benefit art exhibition 

This year we are celebrating the 10nth anniversary of SURPRISE - the campaign that employs the power of art to raise awareness and funds about major social issues. The inaugural SURPRISE was presented in 2009 at the City of Athens Technopolis premises. The sell-out show was an instant hit and it was immediately decided that a follow up edition would ensue. It turned out to be more than that. In 2019, after 9 successful exhibitions in Athens and one in Quito, Ecuador, it is time for "SURPRISE X".

We are celebrating 10 years of SURPRISE, ten years of fighting adversity with art, and we are celebrating with an art extravaganza. We are already planning what we are set to make the biggest, most diverse and most exciting edition to date.

SURPRISE always features international artists but this year we are taking extra steps to be inclusive. Collection stations will be available in different cities to facilitate participation. We have already set-up shop in London (main European hub), Houston (main American hub) and Quito (main Latin-American hub) and we are working on including other cities across the globe to ensure it is easier than ever for artists to join us. If you are interested in heading a collection station in your own city, please contact us to discuss it. 

Another reason we are announcing the event so far in advance is to help artists properly schedule their participation. We have noticed that it is often the case that an artist wants to participate but his schedule doesn't allow him. This time we are eliminating the problem. Between now and the beginning of October 2019 we are accepting submissions for the anniversary exhibition. You have more than 8 months at your disposal to prepare your artwork and give it to us. If you have the will, we are presenting you with the way.    

SURPRISE X will take place at The Project Gallery, Athens, opening 11 October 2019.    

Our main priority is to let interested artists know we are already working on the exhibition and we look forward to your participation. Please spread the word and if you are far-away and want to join us, make sure you prepare you artwork in advance. 

Join us in the biggest Greek benefit event and use your talent to spread happiness. 

For enquiries about participating in SURPRISE X contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

We look forward to hearing from you.


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